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So today was the first time I've ever taken part in an actual government election.  No, I will not tell you who I voted for and no I did not feel empowered by knowing I was making my voice known. Honestly, I have paid no attention whatsoever to the campaign after I left the booth thingy. Don't really care.

This leads into a much more severe topic: Bloody Knuckles

Have you ever played or know someone who has? Well, Saturday night was the first time I took part in the painfully pointless game. It was at the LsU football game. Aaron and I were waiting to get off work and were attempting to pass the time. He suggested an innocent game of bloody knuckles. I had never played before and agreed.

The game is very simple: Two people stand across and take turns hit one anothers knuckles

Aaron admitted to having played numerous times and won the majority of them. I must say I am not the most competitive person in the world; however, I took this declaration as a challenge of honor and pride. I decided that I was going to beat this goofy fat kid if it meant busting my skin and bleeding all over the pavement. So Aaron started the game with a strike that lands perfectly on my hand.  No lie. It hurt. My turn and I punch him at an angle where my fingers hit  rather than my knuckles. It fucking hurt too. And so began a very painful 5 minute game which involved the my hand being pummelled both by his strikes and my own because my hand-eye coordination is that bad.

I manage to hit him the right way only once. It was a wonderful reaction and only energized my resolve. He winced and swore before informing me that he was done playing and now was gonna start hitting for real because his hand was killing him. I laugh and told him go ahead. A few cycles later and my hand is swollen and blood red with two spots that look on the way to splitting open. Aaron notes concern and suggests that we quit before I hurt myself. Quit? Are you kidding? No, no fucking way am I going to quit. A few minutes later, Aaron hits me wrong and hurts himself. Forfeiting.

While holding his reddened hand, Aaron lets me know that he didn't expect the game to last more than 3 cycles because that's how long most people play. He clearly underestimated my own ignorance. I smell a rematch in the coming months.

The swelling finally went away this morning and it no longer aches to move my fingers. Ahh.. victory.

Went to Voodoo for the first time and it was an interesting experience. A lot of pipes for sale. Some interesting bands with some less interesting bands. Wycleaf Jean was an excellent showman but was giving way too much love to Obama way to often. Erica Badu's hair looked like a helmet and she looked a little pregnant. The Zydepunks were pretty awesome and so way Sam's Big Funk Nation. Missed Horton Heat but I wanted to see them. The best part of the the fest was seeing Tv on the Radio who put on a better show than I thought they would. They sounded incredible and are now ranked among the greatest moments in my life. It was a shame that so few people had any idea who they were and most stood there with a confused stare. Whateva. They're set alone was worth the admission.

Jesse sent me a letter from the army. It was short and very much a Jesse letter:


             Fuck You.

          Love, Jesse

Today was just a "40 degree day"
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