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Hmm.. my gustav experience had several highlights including 10 hours of The Wire before the loss of power, having 5 boxes of cereal and no milk, telling Bahron I didn't care that he needed me that I wasn't going to work, debating MRE's taste by packing, reading a lot. working nearly 14 hour straight. watching a car burn in front of Dollar general. and being out of power for 8 super fun days.

Tonight was a pretty exciting night and it all boils down to queso. Yes, that yellow (or white) cheesy sauce that so many people love to munch down on with their chips.   At Cactus, we have yellow and white, which given the lack of a good grasp on the english language in the kitchen is referred merely as white ccq and ccq.  The white is kept in a smaller container than the yellow simply due to consumption. Well tonight, we used all of the white we had warm so Yeddullah put some that was made that morning into a container and into a microwave for 5 minutes to heat it back up. So Mike and I are talking when the microwave bell ends and I walk to the microwave which sits about eye-level. I open and reach in to grab the container and pull it forward and to my surprise the container and the glass it sat on flipped toward me. I shut my eye as the scalding hot ccq hit me in the eyebrow and splashed down my face. Despite the hot ccq, I can't help but laugh at how ridiculous the matter is and I grab a rag. I wipe the ccq off my shirt and eyebrow when Mike looks at me. He starts to ask what happened when I wipe the ccq off my cheek. It's at this point where his mouth dropped and he uttered, "Holy shit dude! Your skin just peeled off!"

I have a pretty decent tolerance for pain and the burning definitely hurt but I wasn't concerned until this phrase,  "Your skin just peeled off" What really caused concern was when I touched my face and what I guess could be described as piece of wet paper towl that is so saturated that when you rub your fingers over it, it just breaks apart. When I felt that sensation I realized holy crap. I grabbed a wet rag and held it to my eyebrow and cheek  for the rest of the night refusing to leave because I'm an ignorant bastard. The night went on with my coworkers telling me that it looked pretty damn bad and stuff. Went home for my mom to spazz over it and tell me to put antibiotic and stuff on it.

I took a picture of it but it's not the best picture. I also just now realized that the skin above my eyebrow is bubbling up and feeling with nastiness.  Sorry about the icky details and such.

I really want to see Burn Without Reading. and to reread The Road
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