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It's Storytime

 So a few weeks back I was with Cavin in his jeep at the Circle K at Sullivan and Hooper and it was in the 1:30 in the morning time frame, we pull in so he can get a pack of cigarettes which he smokes obsessively in an attempt to kick his dip addiction. We pull in to a relatively full parking lot for a Friday night in the wee hours in Central. As if the Moses of Circle K parted the hordes for us, we park in the center of the lot with a group on either side. To our right, a slew of tattooed 20somethings attempting to jump off some girl's car. To our left, a group of four young looking girls and one chubby, bald, tan guy who looked like all they missed all the cool place to loiter at in Central.

Aaron has no A.C. so all of the windows are rolled down. He starts to get out of the car at his patented slug-like pace and I zone out starring at the merchandise I can see within the store. It is at this time one of the girls looks my way and starts to shout repeatidly, 


"Hey you!"




I finally come back to reality and look over to see that this group of girls is trying to get my attention. It is at this point that the girl asks the most vague question possible at the moment.

" Do I know adam"
"Adam who?"
"Uhh.. yeah"
"yeah I went to middle school with him"

At this point, I ask myself, "Who gives a shit" while Aaron shouts "Who gives a Shit!" before entering the store. It is a few seconds after he went inside that the tan fellow with them takes off his shirt and steps closer to the door. I coudn't hear all that was being said other than the girls were telling him to be calm and not start any shit. Well it is at this point that I do recall him saying, "Fuck that. I spent (unaudible) inside and nobody made me a bitch and no one's gonna make me a bitch on the street." I soon start to realize that perhaps Aaron may have pissed in this guys cereal with his "Who gives a shit" comment and this aggravated guy may want to let him know. I kinda sit and watch like as if this is a joke as the guy starts to pace about. Well he begins to step closer to the door until he is no longer obstructed by the cars. He starts to ease up til he notices me in the jeep and he stops in his tracks. It's at this point, the two of us make eye contact. His hard stare met with mine for what felt like an eternity until Aaron exited the store with cigarettes in hand. Aaron crosses his path and gets in the jeep while he turns around and walks back to his girls. 

It was really strange and the only sense I can make out of it was that he didn't realize there were two of us until he saw me. I don't know. Sorry there wasn't an exciting climax or anything. The End
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