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 Tuesday morning had gone well I went to geology and learned about the animal life during the cambrian then talked with Laci and Derek afterwards who made sure I didn't miss Fiction. In Fiction, I learned about The Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man. Got out of class and walked to my car took note of how low my gas gage read: EMPTY(or at least, quite close to it). Checked my wallet to see the 17 dollars left in the worn leather wallet. I drove to Greenwell Springs and Choctaw before I decided that gas was indeed needed. So I pulled in and parked at pump ocho bought one tea, ten dollars worth of gas,and gave three dollars to homeless dude begging at the corner of the gas station. I opened the tea and pulled out onto the road to continue my journey homeward. I made it about 100 feet or so and then I remember taking a sip of tea and thinking it wasn't worth the cost then glancing at the clock for a split second 12:30; looking up to attempt to slam on my brakes, only to smash into the back of a work truck. For a second, everything was blurred. On impact I flew forward smashing into the visor, wheel, windshield before slaming right back into the driver's seat.

The first thought that came to mind honestly was:  "SHIT!"   Thankfully, the driver was alright as he preceded to pull off the road and I followed him onto the curb. As soon as the car came to a stop, I shot out of the car to see if the guy was alright and to my surprise his answer is, "You got insurance?"   I nodded. "How bad's my truck?"   I shook my head and told him that it wasn't that bad. His steel bumper was pushed down, but that was all that had happened to his car. It was sometime around this point that I noticed my ears were ringing and my head felt horrible. Given my past injuries and the quickness I am to bleed. I touched my forehead and only pain was felt; not the wet, warm sensation that is blood. Called my mom. She wasn't all that happy and around that time it got kinda funny to me. I laughed while surveying the damage the steel bumper had done. My head started throbbing and my ears were still ringing slightly, my front end smashed to shit, lights blown out, hood intact but reaching out farther than the rest of the car, radiatior fluid splashed about, lifted the hood to look at the disasterpiece that was the radiator. 

My mom pulls in and can only really smile. She kept smiling until she got close to see the forehead. Immediately she starts asking me if I'm alright and if I need to sit down. I tell her my head hurts, but I don't feel like I need a doctor or anything. Well does anything else hurt? That cursed question brought the aching pain in my knee and my fist to light. Then we examine the inside of the car to note the three most blatant reason I am in pain:

1. The Sun Visor:   Luckily my visor was down at an ankle otherwise my head and the windshield would have probably made contact. Sadly, my visor did not survive our intimate encounter as the force of my head curshed the center of the visor. Think of the cartoons where a character is hit over the head with a metal bar or something and the shape of the character's head is left in the bar well that is what the visor resembled. Brushed burned the shit out of my forehead, bruised it pretty nicely, and cut it.

2. The Windshield:   Before the wreck, I had accidently put a spider web crack in the windshield afterwards I had yet another and from what I can guess is that when the cars hit I smashed into the front of the car and my fist hit the windshield and did some damage because my hand feels like I punched a brick wall and there was no evidence to show that anything from the truck hit the windshield that high up. 

3. The plastic paneling: Yet again I'm not positive but directly above where my knee was precrash was a nasty crack in the plastic. Not positive but I'm not sure why there would be a crack there if not from my knee crashing into it.

Cops show up and seem pretty surprised that I don't want to go to the hospital though I was adament about not going.  They also mistake my mom for my girlfriend much to her amusement. They towed the car away after she explained that it was totaled as far as she and the insurance company were concerned (See past entries). Cop has each of us fill out a report and we all go off on our merry way WITHOUT a single ticket being issued.  My mom starts to ask how I feel and I tell her I feel shitty that my ears kinda ring, I have a headache and I'm drowsy-ish. She tells me that I probably have a concussion and should go to the hospital. But I wouldn't have any of that shit and when home, sat down, took a tylenol, drove my ass to work because I need the money. I talked to Alana and Aaron who both wished me well and showed concern in their own unique ways while at work.

Today, my shoulder and ankle decided to join my head, hand, and knee in a great big pain celebration. My headache still lingers and I've felt drowsy all day. Just out of curiosity, I looked up what sort of symptoms are related to concussions and I share several from the list so I'd be willing to agree with my mom, but the only thing that will make it better is rest so no sense in seeing a doctor for him to tell me to rest for a nasty fee.

Basically after school I've laid around my room taking naps and feeling sore and tired, Celeste stopped by briefly to make sure I was alright and to lecture me about the dangers of not wearing a seat belt. I'm just ready for my body to stop aching though I'm sure it will for the next couple of days regardless.

So..Goodnight. Be sure to drive safe and wear your seat belt.

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