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Words Balk. Bullets Talk.

So the other day I got home from work and my dad met me under the carport smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer because he is an alcoholic. Anyway, I stood outside and visited with him for a little while about both of our days and such. Went inside and changed out of my grease and filthy work shirt. He had just opened another bottle when I walked into the bedroom and sat on the bed next to my mom listening to his account of work and anyother random foolishness that came out of his mouth. The highlight of work seemed to have come during his lunch break when he and another employee looked at gruesome accident-on-the-job photos. We move away from his workday gradually and began to recall stories of Chris (it would have been his birthday that day) and also just various memories over the years. It is at this point when I recall one of my favorite stories of my father...when I brought it up his face lit up with glee and he preceeds to tell us the story again (It wasn't like I hadn't heard it 400 times)...
"Shit..I had just come home from Boot and me and P-Funk had headed over to Cooley's cuz there was nickel beer night or 50 cent pitchers. Me and him had been slamin' pitchers down for about three hours. That was back in the day when we'd drink 6 pitchers an hour in our youth. Well anyway this ole grizzled motherfucker comes into the bar and plops his goofy ass in the chair across from us and we start to shoot the shit. By this time, the special was done and me and P had moved on to bottles, Budweiser cause that was all I'd drink. So we're sitting there and this sum'bitch starts goin on and on about how he was in Nam and how if any motherfucker got in his face he'd just...rawr..and this guy bites his beer can in half.  I had my beer in my hand and I look around to take note that all the fuckin' bouncers are watching us now. So I looked at him and said,"Fuck, ya know what I'd do if a motherfucker fucked with me" and I tilted that bottle back and caught it round the neck and went BAMM!! I broke that mother fucker over my forehead. Dude's eyes went wide and he went from rambo to a fuckin ant in a matter of seconds." 

At this point in time, my dad starts to look at the bottle in his hand as if he's sizing up and opponent.  

My mom shuts him down before he can do what we both know he wants to:
"Johnny Lee if you break that bottle over your head I'm gonna be fucking pissed I just washed the sheets!"

There is more to the story..but the last bit was all I wanted to share.

Just another night at home...

Ever wake up and absolutely hate everyone you know regardless of how you felt about them in the past. For instance, you can find reasons to absolutely hate your best friend. But it's just a brief thing, like a couple of days tops then you're completely fine. ??

I've been reading City of God by Paulo Lins and it is definitely already one of my favorite books of all time.
People at work were surprised to learn that I read on a regular basis which just adds to all of the other things they were surprised to learn about me. Makes me sad that we still base so much on the way others look.

My car is leaking radiator fluid and I'm not really happy about all that seeing how I cannot go 4 months without something going wrong with my car. I guess I need to name it? Maybe that's why it continues to give me troubles.

Apparently we're moving soon. Not sure where, but I was informed this two days ago. Hmm..

My sister threw a glass of water at me the other day and the water sprayed my "white whale." Not sure if I'm mad about it or not.
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