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Domestic Responsibilities

I'm ready for the break but I'm not ready for the ticket that must be paid once the break starts. Somehow regardless of how much money I put aside with each paycheck (which isn't a huge amount due to the little I make) I have no money to show for the saving. I'm rather nervous if I'll have the amount I need by the time the date rounds the corner.

The break has been an interesting one. I finished the last football game and will be rewarded with a 400 dollar check next week. Though I originally planned to save it for my text books the ticket has really sapped my finances and I'll just have to make due. Lost two employees at Cactus. When I first started I was able to remember those who left, but I've seen so many come and go I can barely remember faces. Hahah..that sounded like a wartime eulogy.

I've found a new book I'd like to read and will most likely ask for it for chirstmas. The title is Blood and Soil and it is a comprehensive history of genocide and its causes. It seems like a really good book. It's a prety massive book as well.

IN addition to eating large sums of food with family I barely know, I got to see some exciting movies. After the disappointment that was BEOWULF, I had high hopes for No Country for Old Men. Oh. EM. Gee. Incredible. That's all I really can say is incredible. It was the closest adaption of a book I've ever seen. Unfortunately it is so spot on that some will be turned off by the conclusion and criticize it for not spelling everything out. Incredible though. Gahh.. gives me high hopes for the screen adaptation of Blood Meridian. Regardless, it was amazing and easily one of the best films of 2007. I strongly recommend it to everyone.

Also watched Darkon. Wow. If you get the opportunity watch it because it is really intriguing. The end.

Not too shabby of a thanksgiving I suppose, but I'm ready for the christmas break.
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