kneel_infidel (kneel_infidel) wrote,

It's odd. I've spent the past few weeks reviewing my friendships. I came to the realization sometime around 3 am Thursday morning that one such friendship is dead. It's dead but for some reason neither party: them or myself will acknowledge it. Rather we are content to meet and continue to act as if we know each other. I have no idea who they are anymore. I'm sure they must feel the same, but something tells me that they are more content with the way things are now. They're comfortable right now if only for a matter of time. It's selfish of me to feel betrayed by this change, but life goes on. I've decided that there is no real way for things to go back at this time. I've seen what their priorities are and they are aware of my own. So I suppose if this dead-end friendship continues then it is time to distance myself from them. Yet even with this awkward friendship, there are still moments in time where the old days come to surface. Hmm..
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