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I find it sadly funny that when I'm at a light and the light turns green. My car has zero pickup so I have really press down on the gas for it to go fast otherwise it is a slow lurch forward. Well when I do so my engine revs really loud even though I'm going about 10 miles an hour. On several occasions I've had the car next to me rev their car in response and look in my general direction as if I'm wanting to race. Then they take off at a bajillion miles an hour down the street while I'm just trying to get to the speed limit.

My mom woke me up this morning sometime around 6 in the morning to tell me what she wanted for Christmas. Why she could not have waited until I woke up at 7? My mother has no time for that kind of logic. This is the same woman who woke me up at 3am by hitting me repeatidly with a broom because she thought I had drawn a noose on some artwork I was going to give her. Well she told me that all she wanted was for me to draw her a picture. I told her alright, but now I'm not sure if I'll be able to. I haven't been able to draw a piece of art in quite sometime. It's almost like all of my source that I used to take to draw has been sapped. I know what I think is the reason, but I don't want to give up hope just yet

Halloween. Halloween this year was pretty lame. During the day was nice though. I hung outs with my bestest friend and we played video games and visitated. It was nice because we hardly ever have the time to do that. It was the night that was pretty lame at least lame for halloween. I saw no one in costume. Next to no horror movies on television. No one really seemed to be into it this year.

Well Friday night around 11:20ish I decided to do a test shot for my cmst project. Just to see how it would look if the group decides to film the scene. Myself, Aaron and Rebecca drove to walmart and preceded to buy 13 containers of fake blood for a wooping $4.95. Then it had to be decided who would agree to have fake blood smeared all over them: Seth. I call Seth to ask if he will "help out on a project" without any further discussion he agrees. I didn't see it necessary to bother him with any of those cumbersome details like fake blood, frenchtown road, and being in my trunk because naturally I figured he wouldn't want to play ball unless faced with no option. Well we pick him up from his coworker's home and it immediately present that he is heavily under the influence of some kind of illicit substance but he is still wanting to play ball.

We clamour into my beatup kia and precede on down the road and as the houses become more scattered and the woods loom above us Seth begins to question what exactly we are doing. We tell him he is going to play a dead person. "What is his name," Seth questions.."Uhm.. Alexander the Great"..."Aww..Fuck yeah cuz I'm great"

We finally come to the railroad bridge decorated with graffiti and while most of the pentagrams have been washed a way we do see a smiley face. Seth is surprisingly receptive to the idea of being covered with blood and put in the trunk. He clamours in and begins posing himself in position he feels best shows he is dead. I begin to put the blood on his neck, near his nose, ear, pour some on his chest. He smears it and it looks really good. Then Seth steals the show by giving us a classic dead expression: mouth open, eyes half open. We close the trunk and decide to go on with the experiment. Tape needs to be rewound. Open the trunk to tell Seth to just hang loose for a minute and that boy is still holding the dead expression and refuses to acknowledge us. Character acting at it's finest. It takes about 10 minutes for everything to finish and yet Seth refuses to change his stance. He will not make a sound. Expressionless look on his blood stained face. Unfortunately the camera wasn't set with the right focus so the footage is incredibly dark and hard to see, but it was amazing. It was one of the most invigorating experiences I've ever had.

Saturday. Went to work. Cut onions. Tomatoes. Made salsa. Washed dishes. Zoned out. At work, I tend to get really contemplative and start thinking about life. I thought about people in my life and those who I no longer "know". There are times where I hope that I can meet them again in another time. At 1:40ish, I was off of work til 5. Walked next door to ask Laci if she could cuts my hair. Went home and listened to my music and watched the footage from last night. Went back to work and stood in my spot in the tiny kitchen leaning against the wall as we, the kitchen crew, amused ourselves by messing with servers and hostess. The hostess actually believed that I was sixteen and was attending university. Sam and Moe fought over rags and who'd die first. Ed told me to go home at 7 so I drove home. Called Celeste who was going to a party and asked if I would accompany her. I said sure. Drive to said-party, I knew no one there so I just sat by the fire and watched the skyline and thought about life. I think Celeste felt bad that I didn't no a soul there. Regardless, I enjoyed myself because drunks are amusing. Celeste and a fellow known as THE METHODIST had apparently gotten into a few heated discussions about religion at school. Well at the party he was there and he made a snip at catholics and Celeste told him where he could go. The highlight of the night was when we were leaving the METHODIST was walking by our car and Celeste rolled the window down and screamed at the top of her lungs, "CATHOLOCISM RULES!!" Made a wrong turn and came to the famous PRIDE ONE-STOP. The night was fun I suppose. This has definitely been one of the most active weekends in a long long time.
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