kneel_infidel (kneel_infidel) wrote,

Well the week has not gone so smoothly.

Failed my math test. Err..

Thursday. After taking my cmst test, I left the class happy to go home. Walked the great distance to my car. Started the car. It's high pitch squeal I drown out with loud music. Off I go down my route; a route I go everyday. Well not long after I turn on to Greenwell Springs Rd, I decide to change lanes. I check my side mirrors: they're clear. I begin to turn into the other lane and get hit by a car in my blind spot. Startled I pull back into the other lane and get t-boned by a jeep in the back. The car spins like a top. All I can say is..."holy shit". Despite not having worn my seat belt I emerged with nothing more than a depressed mindset. The other two men involved were fine and they're cars weren't damaged nearly as bad as my car. A dent in by their front by the wheel on each. My car did not fair so well. The driver's side of the car is beat to hell on both doors and the back end of the car on the passenger side smashed in pretty good.

Both wrecks were my fault. I've got a ticket somewhere near the 300 dollar range. It was my mistake. I'm more disappointed in myself than anything. If I would have just checked my blind spot. Oh well. Live and learn.
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