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Takanori the Fire Ball Kid

I went to have my oil changed yesterday and my first choice was full thus I drove to this place off monterrey that looked as if it had just opened. Red and yellow balloons floating about. Pull in and take note of the nonexistent clientelle. Walk up and this guy asks, "What can I help ya'with man?" "Uh..I'd like to get my oil changed" I register that his name is Ty. Pull my car into the garage and hand him the keys. As I sit in the lounge looking at an old PEOPLE magazine of the richest's the harry potter guy according to the mag...after a few minutes I notice that Ty and his skinny coworker are circling my car kinda like vultures circle the dead. The skinny fella has this big grin while Ty seems flustered. I also note that Ty is checking all of my door handles. I step out and Ty turns and says,"Uhm..I didn't realize all of your doors were locked and I ..uh..locked your keys in your car." I burst out laughing and tell them it's fine and I start to call my mom. Well Ty walks back to the front trying to open the doors again. Skinny man armed with a screwdriver walks over to my trunk and begins to fiddle with the hole that once held the locking mechanism. My mom answers and before I can ask the skinny guy has opened my trunk and is climbing through the backseat. I wave off their apologies and tell them "it happens". Pay and drive home. THE END.

School looks like it won't be too bad as long as I don't procrastinate like last semester. Shame that the books are vast sums of money. ah..well. My old Iranian buddy Moe has returned. Nothing really to say except I misses people. The end again.
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