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After work last night I drove to the gas station not far from the greenwell springs library. As I pull into the gas station this guy casually walks in front of my car towards the pay phones. So I drive over to one of the pumps and park. I fish my wallet out of my pocket. 51 dollars. 11 one dollar bills and 2 twenties. Check the pump number before walking over to pay for the gas. "Eleven at pump 8 please" As I turn to walk back to the car I hear someone say something to me. I turn to see the guy. He asks me if I could possibly give him a ride. I ask "where to?" He then tells me off airline and for whatever reason I tell him sure. He starts thanking me and even pumps my gas for me. We get in the car and he introduces himself as Renzo. Now I'm not trying to sound racist but I had never met a Black man named Renzo before anyway back to the story.

I tell him my name is Craig in which he bursts out laughing and explains that his first name is Craig as well. He then preceeds to tell my about how his car has broken down and he needs a ride to his sisters. Unfortunately his story had a few holes in it as the ride went along: his car was actually someone else's, he had walked to the gas station from his mom's after looking to see if she had any change. Never telling where this car is. Whatever. Not my buisness.

Then things take a bizarre twist. He makes mention of having a knife. As he reaches into his back pocket to show me this knife "Just my luck I'm about to get mugged going 50 mph down the road" I reach over by my door where I keep a knife of my own. Thinking "Just my luck I'm about to get mugged going 50 mph down the road" So mentally I prepare for what could possibly turn into the most intense and violent moment of my life thus far. The stabbing does not commence. Instead this man offers me the knife he "found" for a mere 2 dollars. I pass the offer explaining I had no use for such things.

He sighs and puts it back into his pocket and down the road we go for a few more minutes. Superfly by Curtis Mayfield starts playing on the cd player and I look out the clock 9:46 pm give or take. We turn on to Airline and we go down airline for a long ass time before Renzo/Craig tells me to turn into a mobil gas station. He then turns asks me if I could possibly let him borrow 3 or 4 dollars. "Man I'll let you hold on to my license for 3 dollars man" Despite having forty dollars on me I was not about to let this strange man have it. "I'm sorry dude but I've got nothing. But..uhh.. I got some change you're welcome to" I motion to my center console where probably 4 dollars in change has been immersed in coke and turned into mortar. Renzo then goes "Ahh yeah" and claws every SINGLE piece of change I have out of the sticky mess. Save 3 pennies. He then grunts a thank you and exits the car. As I pull out I watch Renzo/Craig speedily walk to a dumpster where there were three other people hunched over. Hmm... I wonder what they were doing?

Then I drove home all the while pondering why I had just driven out of my way for that strange man to take all of my change.
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